The “VERTEBRAL” center is thus supported by a multidisciplinary group of experienced doctors, each in their own field of competence, who deal with problems concerning degenerative, traumatic, oncological, rheumatic diseases, etc. of the vertebral column. The diseases of surgical competence treated by the group are multiple and often complex, so as to require, in selected cases, a collegial approach, which provides a validation about the most suitable operating indication and the subsequent simultaneous presence in the operating room of the two professionals: Orthopedic and Neurosurgeon. This often happens in the surgical management of delicate and complex interventions such as: surgical revisions, vertebral tumors, scoliosis, multilevel stenosis, instabilities, complex fractures etc. Equally significant is the collegial, plurispecialistic approach, between the first two professional figures and the interventional radiologist, in the minimally invasive treatments of spinal pathologies such as: the disc hernias contained cervical and lumbar, the discopathies, the facial pathologies, the vertebral fractures from osteoporosis etc. Furthermore, in the oncological patients, the Professional figures of the Radiotherapist and of the reference Oncologist are essential, which, together with the vertebral surgeons, guarantee a multidisciplinary therapeutic strategy, fundamental in the management of such complex pathologies. Finally, the figure of the Physiotherapist Doctor, expert in rehabilitative procedures on pre and post-surgical patients, is essential, which, using the most modern manual and instrumental methods, is able to guarantee a more rapid functional recovery of the subject and a more precocious reintegration into the family tissue, social and work.

The Mission of the “VERTEBRAL” group is, therefore, through a close multidisciplinary collaboration between professionals, that of availing itself of the most expert human resources and the most avant-garde surgical and rehabilitative techniques in order to perfect the operative procedures and the functional recovery of the patients, optimizing the indications to the surgery, reducing post-operative complications and hospitalization days. 

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