Studio Vertebral

Multidisciplinary Center For The Treatment Of Spine Diseases

The “VERTEBRAL” center was created with the aim of creating a study, research and operational group, which deals with the problems inherent in the spine, in all its aspects: from diagnostics, to therapy, to surgery, to rehabilitation, to scientific research, the organization of training events, the training of dedicated personnel, innovation, research and development in the field of surgery and rehabilitation.

About us

The “VERTEBRAL” group is made up of an association of professionals working in the diagnostic, therapeutic, surgical and rehabilitative field of the rachis and in particular:

  • Specialist Neurosurgeon, expert in vertebral surgery.
  • Orthopedic specialist, expert in vertebral surgery.
  • Interventional Radiologist Specialist, expert in percutaneous procedures.
  • Radiologic Radiotherapist Specialist in Oncology.
  • Orthopedic specialist in Scoliosis.
  • Nutritionist Dietitian Doctor.
  • Physician responsible for the scientific coordination of the group.
  • Doctor Physiotherapist expert in rehabilitation procedures for spine diseases.


The "Bio Sonar Dolphin Therapy" project arrives in Dubai thanks to Studio Vertebral

The founding members of Studio Vertebral, Dr. Francesca Mangraviti (the only Italian referent for dolphin therapy, and Dr. Alessandro Pisani, orthopedist and vertebral surgeon) organized the first dolphin therapy session at the Dubai Dolphinarium inside the Dubai Healthcare City.

Prof. Pisani at Giro di Boa on Onda TV

In the 11th episode of Giro di Boa on Onda TV, Professor Alessandro Pisani together with Doctor Sergio De Leo and Doctor Marco Confalonieri spoke to us about back pain and innovative techniques to treat it


fondatore Studio Vertebral

Prof. Alessandro Pisani

Orthopedic specialist
Expert in vertebral surgery

fondatore Studio Vertebral

Dr. Francesca Mangraviti

Expert in rehabilitation procedures

Excellence Specialist Neurosurgeon

Prof. Andrea Barbanera

Specialist Neurosurgeon
Expert in vertebral surgery


Dr. Giuseppe La Tessa

Interventional Radiologist

Dr. Luigi Soliera


Dr. Giuseppe Arrabito


Dr. Angelo Di Pietro

Radiologic Radiotherapist
Specialist in Oncology


Viale Regina Margherita 28


Via Nazionale 320/B

Rometta Marea (Me)

Viale Delle Mura Gianicolensi 67


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 Salvator Mundi International Hospital, Roma +3906588961
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